TGRG is a communications agency that wants to help you. Sounds simple but that’s all any of our clients really want: quality support from talented people to make them feel good, look great in front of their boss, clients or customers and, most importantly, give them positive results. We take pride in being able to give you that.

Whether you are a corporate business or small to medium-sized enterprise, our team would love to give you the bespoke support you need. It could be a professional press kit, a campaign to engage your colleagues, coaching to develop your business strategy or someone to minimise the challenge of organising your next corporate event or diversity day. Whatever it is, we can help.

Why don’t you give us a call so that we can talk through what you need.


Need help connecting with your employees or getting your Internal Communications on track? We work with national organisations to identify, plan and develop their internal communications. We work on improving the way you communicate with your teams. We audit your existing channels and get you on a path towards measurable results.

We provide themed resources to help you plan your next diversity day or we can deliver it for you. We also create employee engagement events to suit your organisation. From Black History Month to International Women’s Day, our events educate and engage. Find out more about our packages on our diversity page.

Our Internal Publicist Programme helps Senior Leaders build their connection to their employees. From books to face-to-face training, we support leaders in becoming better communicators. We can also offer media training to help you communicate with external stakeholders. There’s more to communicating than writing an email. Let us show you how to improve the connection with your audience.

We work with small to medium enterprises to help them build their business plan and strategy. We also help them develop their assets and marketing plans. We work with them to help them reach their chosen audiences.
We provide one-to-one business coaching to help you take your businesses to the next level. You can do your sessions online or in person if requested.

We create public relation strategies for brands and individuals. We build digital press kits and press releases for distribution. We also source public speaking and featuring opportunities to raise your profile. We create audience-specific campaigns targeting appropriate publications, bloggers and influencers.

Not sure which service you need or whether we can support your business? Get in touch and we can talk through what you need.

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