Renowned broadcaster Angie Greaves and esteemed Health and Beauty expert Karen Cummings-Palmer join forces to bring you “Wellness Wednesdays,” an new social media show focussing on the various aspects of health and wellness.

The monthly show will feature discussions, interviews, and practical tips, providing viewers with a perspective on a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Each episode of “Wellness Wednesdays” will delve into different aspects of health, including physical fitness, mental well-being, nutrition, skincare, and self-care practices. Viewers can expect to discover practical tips they can consider implementing in their daily lives.

The show will be easily accessible through various social media platforms, allowing audiences to tune in and benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared.

The first episode of “Wellness Wednesdays” is scheduled to air on Wednesday 7 June 2023 and will be available every first Wednesday from 12:30 . Viewers can follow Angie Greaves (@angiegreaves) and Karen Cummings-Palmer (@karencummingspalmer) on social media for updates and further information.