Our media planning and buying service gets your brand’s message directly to Black audiences. We work with buyers on print, digital, cinematic*, influencer and audio advertising placements.

We differ from mainstream ad agencies because:

  • We have long standing relationships with some of the biggest Black media publications in the country, often affording us access that other agencies simply don’t have.
  • Our campaigns are more likely to reach an audience where at least 60% are of African, Caribbean, Black British or mixed heritage.
  • We keep up-to-date with media publishers that are engaged by the Black communities.
  • We build an overview of flagship events led by Black publishers, helping you plan campaigns with multiple touchpoints including activations.
  • We have worked in this space for over15 years, giving us the cultural capital to help you place advertising in the appropriate locations.

*Cinema is seasonal

** Statistic taken from The Black Pound Report

Working with us allows you to:

  • Create more inclusive campaigns
  • Maximise your advertising spend 
  • Access the £1.1billion pounds spent by Black people annually**, increasing your profit margin.

Brands can no longer afford to leave money on the table

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