Featuring Kevin Morosky of Havas and Pocc, Dr Glen Yearwood of Soul Marketing, and Binki Taylor of The Brixton Project with Kunle Olulode of Voice4Change paying homage to designer Jon Daniel

Black Cultural Archives (BCA), the home of Black British History andWARC, the global authority of marketing effectiveness have partnered to produce a series of intimate interviews showcasing the contribution, influence and impact Black British marketers and creatives have had on the marketing communications industry.

The video series Hidden Figures: A Look at Black British marketing and design, created in collaboration with Niche on Demand, will be released every Thursday from October 15 , and will feature:

  • The current state of diversity, equality and inclusion in advertising – what do brands need to to next?
  • Personal experiences of progressing in advertising: barriers faced & actionable steps.
  • The future Black marketers and advertisers of tomorrow
  • Dr Glen Yearwood, Owner, Soul Marketing (22 October) on:
  • The importance of storytelling to success
  • Recommendations for the aspiring Black creatives and Marketers of the future
  • What should brand do now in order to have true representation
  • Binki Taylor, Founding Partner, The Brixton Project and Kunle Olulode, Director, Voice4Change England and Creative Director, Rebop Productions – in memoriam of Jon Daniel ( 29 October) on:
  • The importance of brand activism
  • The power of personality and openness in creating a change environment
  • Jon Daniels’ pivotal creative campaigns

The video series marks the start of a long-term partnership between BCA and WARC who are making a commitment to help address diversity in marketing.

Of the partnership, BCA Managing Director Arike Oke said “We are always excited to work with partners who are interested in amplifying the stories of the Black communities. Our contributors have made great waves in the marketing and design industries. Their stories deserved to be told and committed to our archive which is the Home of Black British history. We look forward to our continued partnership with WARC.”

Paul Coxhill, Managing Director, WARC & Lions Intelligence, commented: The lack of diversity in marketing and advertising urgently needs to be addressed in an authentic and meaningful way.

“As such, we are delighted to partner with the BCA to not only highlight some of the pioneers in Black British advertising, but to continue to help bring change to our industry by helping businesses market more effectively by incorporating inclusivity into their strategies.”

You can view the first video online now.