Congratulations to our client, Change specialist, business owner and author Audrey Ezekwesili who has just published her latest book, ‘Behind Every Successful Woman is… The Good, The Bad and The Mundane that women navigate through, to succeed’

The book promises to give women – and men – tried and tested strategies to help them create, keep and build the life of their dreams. 

“Success is when you’re honest with yourself about what it means to you, regardless of whether others approve.” Says Audrey. “The key is putting in the hard work, being determined to achieve it and ignoring the temptation to give up”.

The book is broken down into three sections, with topics such as determination, guilt, crisis of confidence and family & sacrifices. “This book has stories about how I’ve seen women positively deal with the key complexities behind becoming a successful woman. It especially focuses on working women doing their best to juggle their private life (being a mother, wife, sister, and daughter) with their professional life” explains Audrey.

TGRG was tasked with building the website accompanying the book, Audrey’s digital presence on social media and press. The team have already secured coverage for the book on BBC Radio London’s Dotun Adebayo show. 

‘Behind Every Successful Woman Is…’ is available on and