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Friday 6 March 2020, London United Kingdom — International photographer, Richard Barr, is launching his first pop up exhibition of 2020 exclusively at Black Cultural Archives in London from Tuesday 10 March until early April. Entitled ‘SEEN: An Exploration of Black Beauty’, the exhibition looks to disrupt perceptions around the aesthetics of Black women.

SEEN examines and celebrates the unique beauty of “everyday” Black Women, with a series of beauty portraits which omit the use of professional models and features only women of colour. Understanding that the full diversity of black beauty is seldom championed within the mainstream media, this project aims to present a more complete and inclusive representation, celebrating all black women as opposed to the narrower band of the spectrum who are in line with the Eurocentric beauty aesthetic.

This capsule collection aims to further the conversation around race, conventional beauty and who the title of ‘beauty’ is bestowed upon.

A life-long creative, Richard Barr’s artistic eye manifested as a youngster where he developed a passion and talent for drawing and fine art. He quickly realised his medium of choice was photography and began his career photographing Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston, Jamaica over a decade ago.

This experience propelled Richard into the world of lifestyle, hair and beauty photography with portraits becoming his signature. Now highly in demand, Richard puts his work on display for the first time this year and audiences will have the chance to experience this collection first hand at the home of Black British history, BCA.

This exhibition will run from Tuesday 10 March – Tuesday 7 April 2020 inclusively. The exhibition is available for hire and to tour galleries in 2020 post its BCA run.



  • Photographer Richard Barr is available for interview. Please contact Juanita Rosenior at TGRG on 0203 375 6024 or for all interview requests, hire and exhibitions touring enquires.
  • For almost two decades, Richard has beautifully captured images for a wide and varied client base, shooting for publications such as Coloures Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, Vogue Italia, Verge Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine and Pride Magazine with corporate clients which include Kiss FM, MTV Europe, IWA, Black Solicitors Network, News UK, Skylet Andrew Management & PR and Channel 4.
  • The exhibition will take place at Black Cultural Archives, 1 Windrush Square, London, SW2 1EF
  • The exhibition runs from Tuesday 10 March – Tuesday 7 April 2020
  • Black Cultural Archives is the home of Black British history and is situated in the heart of Brixton on Windrush Square. Its mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in Britain
  • Founded in 1981, BCA is the first of its kind and its unique collection includes rare historical documents, photographs, ephemera, oral history testimonies and an eclectic range of objects dating from the second century to the present day.
  • BCA’s work recognises the importance of broader historical narratives and promotes dialogue that encourages everyone to learn, explore and become inspired by an inclusive British history.