This February you will find Cultural Curator and Producer, Natalie Fiawoo in front of 16 -21 year-olds hungry to learn about what it takes to be a producer.

Led by fellow Cultural Curator, Toby Kyeremateng, this online workshop series will help young people learn what it takes to create successful music, cultural and theatrical events to inspire others.
Attendees will discover how versatile a producing role is by learning about budgeting, marketing, project management and developing ideas.

Besides Natalie, they’ll work closely with producers from across the creative industries including Koko Brown, Salome Wagaine, Taro Shimada, and Jack Prideaux. They’ll discover what it takes to produce an event and find out how the professionals make it happen.

This event is being run as part of the National Theatre’s Young People’s programme.

Interested in Natalie facilitating a similar workshop for your organisation? Email to register your interest.