FRIDAY 12 MARCH 2021 , LONDON ENGLAND— Director Sheila Nortley unveils her latest video for Noisettes frontwoman, Shingai.

The video is for the songstress’ new single, Too Bold and is a celebration of Black women around the world. The video will be released on Monday 8 March, International Women’s Day, and has already garnered support from the likes of singer Jamelia and Queen and Slim Actress Jodi Turner-Smith.

The multi-award-winning director filmed the video in the heart of south London’s Crystal Palace Park. The location was home to the 1851 and 1911 Festival of the British Empire. A colossal manifestation of imperial propaganda, it housed a decadent showroom for artefacts, tropical flora, fauna, exotic animals and people taken from across the globe to display.

In the video for ‘Too Bold’ the ruins of empire become a playground of reclamation for Shingai. In this space she invites people to observe Black women once more. This time as empowered and bold individuals who are beyond the scrutiny of anyone but themselves.

We are taken on a journey as Shingai looks for reconnection between little ‘Shing’, her younger self and the woman she has become. Whilst on this path, she encourages future generations not to compromise their dreams or succumb to limitations. She chases her childhood self, played by Nana Akua Agyeman, through a maze to give her back her flowers – a metaphoric gesture to make peace with childhood trauma.
More than just a music video ‘Too Bold’ is a testament to pivotal elements of the past, much of which is still unspoken, to the legacies we decide to create from this and our inherent magic.

Of the video Sheila says “Many of us are still healing and many of us still exhibit behaviours which shock and surprise us at times because we haven’t dealt with childhood trauma. Too Bold is a new age anthem addressing the negative effects of external factors, from culture, teachers, boys, men, media on our self-esteem.”

“It’s advice to little girls growing up now and also to the little girls that big women still carry inside. Don’t dim your light for anyone, baby girl. No one”

The video has several cameos from a diverse spectrum of talented female musicians and producers: Big Joanie, Izzy (Black Honey), Fay Milton (180db/ Savages), DJ Lara Fraser, Jelly Cleaver, Nadia Javed, Beverly Ishmael and Harriet Doveton (formerly The Tuts). The women stand their ground with epic composure, some with their instruments in hand.

It is extremely rare to see so many female artists from different genres/scenes in one video, but in this ground-breaking piece, Shingai and Sheila lead the charge and create the future that we deserve to see on screen. It Is a triumphant celebration of sisterhood and the video boldly states that regardless of gender, age, heritage or style, Black women are here to stay.


Editor’s Notes
• Sheila Nortley is available for interview. Please contact Juanita Rosenior at TGRG on 0203 375 6024 or

• Too Bold will be released on all streaming platforms on from today with the video premiering on YouTube on Friday 12 March 2021