Global Fashion Psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell recently appeared on the popular ITV lifestyle show, Lorraine, to discuss her book, “Big Dress Energy.” In the interview, Forbes-Bell spoke about the power of fashion to boost our confidence and the ways in which our clothing choices can affect our mood and behaviour.

Forbes-Bell is a leading expert in the field of fashion psychology, which explores the relationship between clothing and human behaviour. Her book, “Big Dress Energy,” delves into the science behind how our clothing choices can impact our mood, confidence, and even our success.

During her interview on Lorraine, Forbes-Bell discussed the importance of dressing for ourselves and the impact that our clothing choices can have on our mental health. She emphasised the idea that our clothing choices should be a form of self-expression and that we should wear what makes us feel good, rather than adhering to societal expectations.

Forbes-Bell also spoke about the power of “big dress energy,” which she defines as the confidence and power that comes from wearing a statement-making outfit. She explained that wearing something that makes us feel bold but comfortable can give us a boost of confidence and help us to feel empowered and unstoppable.

The concept of fashion psychology is becoming increasingly popular, as more people are recognising the ways in which their clothing choices can impact their lives. Forbes-Bell’s book and her appearance on Lorraine have helped to bring attention to this important field of study and highlight the ways in which fashion can be used as a tool for self-expression and empowerment. For all booking enquiries for Shakaila Forbes-Bell, please contact or call 0203 375 6024