Today on National Author Day, we are excited to announce that we are working with prolific children’s Black History author, K N Chimbiri.

The author of several books that make Black history accessible for all children and parents, Kandace is a driving force behind making sure the histories of the Black communities are told. This work ultimately contributes to solidifying the rich heritage and identity in the minds of those who come into contact her books.

Her latest book, The Story of Afro Hair: 5000 years of history, fashion and Style, takes us through the power of Afro Hair and its legacy in the world. She is also the author of several books including The Story of Windrush and The Story of Early Ancient Egypt.

Kandace started her career as a self published author but recently made the leap into mainstream publishing, signing with children’s publisher Scholastic.

“It is such an honour to work with Kandace” says TGRG Founder and Managing Director, Juanita Rosenior.

“She is a passionate, driven and gifted writer who creates unique books that connect with audiences at a variety of ages.

“The Story of Afro Hair is a beautiful book and though primarily aimed at young people, it’s a beautiful keepsake for adults too. Books like Kandace’s should be bought for every adult’s inner child who would have never seen a book like this before. So looking forward to this future collaboration.”

The Story of Afro Hair is available now and can be purchased in the SixByNines&Co online bookshop.