Broadcaster, activist and content creator Karen Arthur can now add the title of author to her list of many accolades as she announces the launch of her debut children’s book, Grandma’s Locs, out September 2024.

This vibrant and joyful book celebrates the beauty of natural Black hair and mixed race hair through playful adventures and heartwarming moments. Join the fun as Grandma shares the stories woven into her locs, showing her grandson how each twist and turn is a celebration of their heritage and love.

Bursting with colourful illustrations and filled with laughter, this delightful tale is perfect for ages 5 to 7, inspiring children to embrace their unique beauty and the special connections that make family truly magical.

Of the book Karen says “I wrote this book for my grandson because I want him to be proud of who he is and where he comes from. I wrote it for all the mixed race/heritage kids who have been othered or teased about their hair. And I wrote it for little Karen who strugglesd to accept or understand her hair until locs journey truly began. Be proud. Never diminish your crown.”