In a significant move towards addressing the lack of menopause education and support for women, Menopause advocate and Host of ‘Menopause Whilst Black’ Karen Arthur has joined the advisory board for the development of a National Menopause Education and Support Programme.

The initiative aims to provide women approaching menopausal age with a comprehensive understanding of the changes occurring in their bodies, along with vital peer support from those undergoing a similar experience.

Research conducted by Professor Joyce Harper, who leads the program, has uncovered that a staggering 90% of 829 postmenopausal women surveyed were never educated about menopause during their schooling. Additionally, 60% of these women began seeking information only when symptoms arose.

The program designed by experts at University College London (UCL) in collaboration with prominent women’s health charities, takes inspiration from successful educational models like the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). Trained healthcare professionals will deliver an evidence-based course over several weeks, providing independent and up-to-date information about menopause symptoms and treatment options.