Karen Arthur is a name that has been synonymous with menopause activism in the UK. A content creator by profession, Karen has been advocating for greater awareness about menopause for several years now. Her efforts to bring the issue to the fore have led her to speak at the WEC Menopause Session at the House of Commons for the second time.

Karen’s journey as a menopause activist started when she realized that there was a significant lack of awareness about the menopausal experience of Black women. She found that Black women were not being given enough information about menopause, its symptoms, and its effects on their bodies. This led her to start a podcast, Menopause Whilst Black, where she and her guests talk about their experiences. 

Karen was invited to speak at the WEC Menopause Session at the House of Commons in December 2021 allowing her the opportunity to speak to policymakers about the need for better support and access for all women but particular those from the African and Caribbean communities going through menopause.

At the session, Karen spoke about the need for more research into menopause and its effects on women. She highlighted the fact that menopause is not just about hot flashes and mood swings but can have a significant impact on a woman’s physical and mental health. Karen stressed the need for better training for healthcare professionals so that they can provide accurate information and support to women going through menopause.

Karen’s work has been instrumental in bringing menopause to the forefront of the public consciousness. Karen’s efforts have also encouraged women to speak up about their experiences with menopause, leading to a greater understanding of the issue.

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