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Creatives in the US, UK and South Africa Perform Audio Adaptation to Benefit Black Womxn

Literary classic, The Color Purple, is to be re-imagined into a brand-new virtual audio production. Recruiting acting talent from across the US, UK and South Africa The Color Purple Audio Experience: A Benefit for Black Womxn (TCPAX) immerses audiences in sound, allowing them to visualise this age-old story in their own way.

Produced by OurSomewhere Digital Productions co-founders, West End actress Malinda Parris and Broadway actor Joey Stone, TCPAX’s mission is to do more than entertain. Proceeds from the production will be directly donated to several charities that benefit Black womxn after its premiere on November 26, 2021.

The Color Purple Audio Experience tells the harrowing – but ultimately triumphant – story of a young girl named Celie who gradually gains self-respect as she strives to educate herself and find love, despite an abusive spouse and a world that punishes her for being born Black and female. Though Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning book is originally set in the 1900’s, OurSomewhere is using its core themes to explore modern-day conversations around race and gender-based violence.

“My first interaction with the story of The Color Purple was through the medium of film.” said OurSomewhere co-founder Malinda Parris. “Whoopi’s portrayal of Celie, a little girl that looked like me, impacted me deeply. The fact that a story can be told through so many different artistic mediums is a testament to the source material and the truth of what Alice Walker wrote, a story not only for then but for now. Through this sonic production, we’re continuing this legacy of reincarnation, while raising funds for charities that work with Black womxn and girls like Celie — survivors.”

The concept for this production was conceived on the popular voice-based social networking app, Clubhouse, which speaks to OurSomewhere’s ethos of using technology to revolutionise storytelling. Having never met and living across the world from each other, Parris and Stone are connected by their shared creative and social passions. They see this play as an opportunity to drive discussions around change and to break the typical conventions of theatre.

“We were frustrated as Black actors who continue to find ourselves typecast because of our bodies or our skin tone. Even in all Black shows, most of which are written by white writers, there are distinctions of body shape and skin tone that limit the already few roles Black actors are offered,” said OurSomewhere co-founder Joey Stone.

The production includes cast members from the US, UK, and South Africa. With its diverse cast and unique audio nature, it allows listeners to use their own imagination as they experience each character.

“As producers, we were curious to find opportunities inside our beloved genre of musical theatre that would allow us to tell our stories and give access to as many of our fellow marginalized, Black actors as we possibly could,” continued Stone.

A portion of ticket sales will go to several international charities including Black Girls Smile, Girls for A Change, Womankind Worldwide, Colours Youth Network, People Opposing Women Abuse and A Long Walk Home.

The Color Purple Audio Experience launches on November 26th until December 6, 2021, with tickets available at



The Color Purple Audio Experience will be available from November 26th until December 6, 2021

You can follow The Color Purple Audio experience on Instagram (@thecolorpurpleaudioxX, Twitter (@colorpurpleaudioX) and Facebook (thecolorpurpleaudioX)

Executive Co-Producers Malinda Parris (UK) and Joey Stone (US) are available for interview.

Press photos are available here

OurSomewhere Productions

Launched in 2020, Our Somewhere Productions is a Black-owned digital theatre company creating theatre for a new age. Their goal is to use technology to expand access to the arts for all communities and engage global audiences in storytelling that challenges the traditional concepts of theatre, amplifies the voices of historically underserved communities, and provides immersive, emotional experiences that lead to empathy and inclusion.

OurSomewhere’s chosen charities are:

Black Girl Smile

Girls for A Change

Womankind Worldwide

Colours Youth Network

A Long Walk Home


The Color Purple won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, making Alice walker the first Black woman to win the Prize.

The 1985 Film adaptation directed by Stephen Speilberg and starring actors such as Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover was nominated for 11 Academy Awards.

The original Broadway production earned 11 Tony Award nominations, while the acclaimed Broadway revival won two Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Musical.

A feature film of the musical adaptation is now in pre-production with a release date set for December 20th, 2023.