Shakaila Forbes-Bell, a global fashion psychologist and bestselling author, recently made an appearance on the Channel 5 television show, How Do They Really Do It?, to discuss the rise of online fashion giant, ASOS.

Shakaila is known for her expertise in the psychology of fashion and how it affects consumer behaviour. Her appearance on the show focused on ASOS, which has become one of the largest online fashion retailers in the world, with millions of customers worldwide.

During the episode, Shakaila spoke about the factors that have contributed to ASOS’s success.

Shakaila’s appearance on the show was a testament to the growing recognition of the role of psychology in the fashion industry. As consumers become more conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and their own well-being, there is a growing demand for brands that align with their values and preferences.

Her work as a fashion psychologist aims to bridge the gap between consumer behaviour and the fashion industry. By understanding the psychological factors that influence consumer decision-making, she helps brands create more effective marketing strategies and product offerings that cater to their target audience.

This episode marks Shakaila’s third appearance on the series where she previously discussed the brands TK Maxx and Bicester Village.

You can view How Do They Really Do It? ASOS on the on-demand service, My5