We’re proud to announce that we have been appointed as publicists for Gallery OCA and its founder, Sherece Rainford.

Gallery OCA is the first gallery platform in the UK exclusively dedicated to the mission of supporting, promoting and showcasing the work of artists of Caribbean heritage. Through this specialist and focussed approach, Gallery OCA will throw a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of Caribbean art through its more established artists and act as a support and launch-pad for emerging talent.

The team announced their debut in-person event this week, CORPOREALITY: Paintings by Anthony Daley, an exhibition of recent paintings by the critically acclaimed British artist, Anthony Daley. Anthony Daley (b.1960 – British artist originally from Jamaica) creates luminous colour saturated paintings with brooding colours and tender lighting.

The exhibition will run from Tuesday 7 – Sunday 12 December 2021 at Cromwell Place in the heart of London’s South Kensington.  It marks the start of a year of programming from this emerging new gallery. 

“Working with Gallery OCA is a nice way to end our 2021″ says TGRG Managing Director Juanita Rosenior. ” What I love about the project is that it is a fresh perspective on unearthing the longstanding brilliance of Caribbean art and their artists. To have this as our final PR project of 2021 is like being given an early Christmas gift!”

You can find out more about Gallery OCA at their official website, www.galleryoca.com