TGRG is celebrating the success of its work as the cultural marketing and publicity lead for the Carnival-inspired play J’Ouvert. Hired by GAFA Limited, the team were brought in to cultivate a diverse audience to the theatrical performance as it made its West End debut.

The play which ran at the Harold Pinter Theatre from June 16 until July 3 is a joyful and fearless story of two best friends, battling to preserve tradition in a society where women’s bodies are frequently under threat.

Written by Yasmin Joseph, directed by Rebekah Murrell and starring Gabrielle Brooks, Sapphire Joy, Annice Boparai and Zuyane Russell, this Black, all female-led production was brought to the London-stage by international theatre production company, Sonia Friedman Productions.

“I was actually about to go on holiday for a week when we were approached to do J’Ouvert” says TGRG Managing Director, Juanita Rosenior. “But I knew the significance of what was to be achieved and had to get behind it.”

And get behind it they did as not only did they secure unique partnerships with organisations such as The Voice Newspaper, Black Pound Day and Black Cultural Archives but also prominent slots on the BBC’s 6.30 and ITV’S 10:00 news broadcasts.

“J’Ouvert is a unicorn. As only the second time a Black female writer’s performance has been brought to the West End it needed our support. Though J’Ouvert is for all audiences, it felt like an extra special win to me as a Black woman breaking ground in my own space. It felt like its success was personal and so we went to work.”

The play went on to receive rave reviews not only from the general public but prominent Black figures such as Imagination Lead Singer, Leee John, cultural commentator and influencer Kelechi Okafor, Catfish presenter Julie Adenuga and others.

J’Ouvert will now be heading to Nottingham for a limited run.