A new media platform catering to Black British women has launched. Started by TGRG Founder and Managing Director, Juanita Rosenior, The Black Female Narrative is a weekly periodical that curates news from across the web relating to Black women in the UK.

Originally created in 2017, Juanita started the platform because she felt there weren’t enough positive news stories reflecting the stories of African and Caribbean women.

“I was just hungry to celebrate our achievements, to say ‘I see and hear you and I’m proud of you’. We launched as a podcast and on Instagram and then we chose to keep the publication dormant for a while. Now we’re back because we still need to be heard. I’m looking forward to amplifying the stories that matter to us.”

Subscribers can currently receive the publication for free every Monday at 10am straight in their inbox. You can subscribe and read past editions at www.theblackfemalenarrative.com