TGRG’s Managing Director, Juanita Rosenior, has been recruited as the Internal Communications Specialist for the International Women’s Initiative (IWI).

The voluntary position puts Juanita in charge of theie forthcoming Internal Communications strategy and implementation, connecting over 60 people across the world.  The IWI are an organisation that “educate the world about the violations against women’s rights, as well as make a difference in women’s lives.” The group already does amazing work in parts of the world such as Uganda by developing Safe Birthing Kits to help women in the Amolatar district of the country have a better experience during childbirth. 

Juanita has always been passionate about the development of women both here and overseas with projects such as Worker Bee 2 Queen Bee – a blog about helping black British mothers into business – under her belt.

“I grew up in a family where women were accomplished, resilient and celebrated. Vulnerable at times but most definitely kick-ass when it mattered”

Juanita was encouraged to pursue her passion for communication, starting her journalism career at the age of just 12 (Google can attest to that, even though it makes her cringe). Covering stories such as Britain’s youngest teen mother and visiting Tanzania to investigate the effects of world debt on children, when barely a teenager herself, encouraged her to ask questions about the human experience. “I learnt that my life experiences weren’t necessarily the norm, how different life could have been had my mother made different choices and how much people’s stories and accomplishments mattered to me.”

Working with IWI brings Juanita full circle and back into that familiar space from her childhood: one where women are accomplished, resilient and celebrated. “My role as IWI’s Internal Communications Specialist, allows me to put my skills to good use. Not only by actively supporting an organisation who’s values I share but by connecting our international team who are working together to bring the voices of women to you.”

You can find out more about the International Women’s Initiative on their website,