To celebrate the forthcoming film Judas and the Black Messiah starring Daniel Kaluuya and LeKeith Stanfield, Black Cultural Archives and cultural events company, We Are Parable host Hidden in Plain Sight. The virtual event looks Black British activism and those in the British community who led the Black Liberation Movement.

Dubbed the best film of the year, Director Shaka King tells the story of the charismatic Chairman Fred Hammond, and the man who would betray him.

Hammond built powerful community-based partnerships and unified disparate groups. His success in breaking down racial, cultural, and class barriers made him powerful enemies.

Enemies he could not out organise, outrun or according to his murderers, outgun.

Hammond’s incredible legacy is no longer committed to the annals of American history but elevated to its rightful place within it, as one of its greatest revolutionaries.

All Black people everywhere have a history of resistance. In Britain, we have risen from the ashes of riots and continue to survive historical and everyday structural assaults against our communities. 

The Black Cultural Archives exists to document our legacy in Britain and its event, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ seeks to uncover the stories of Black British activists who mobilised, protected, and defended our communities.

Many of whom still walk among us, their contributions, “Hidden in Plain Sight.” 

Join award-winning journalist Nadine Drummond as she speaks to former Black Liberation Movement members Ansel Wong CBE and Zainab Abbas on their relationships with legendary African American activists including America’s Black Panthers.

Nadine will explore their relationships with iconic Black Panthers like Huey P. Newton and each of their attempts to secure human, political and social and economic rights for Black Britons.

BCA and We Are Parable have partnered to share the stories of those among us who actively fought for our freedoms who are not mentioned in traditional history books. No contributor to our resistance should be ever hidden