Clincal Lead, Consultant Physician and TGRG client Dr. Vanessa Apea stars in a new NHS campaign to encourage more Black women to attend cervical screenings.

A new survey reveals that one in ten (11%) Black women who have been invited to screening have never attended, higher than the 7% England average

To tackle barriers and help drive uptake, a new film has been released featuring Dr Vanessa Apea, discussing cervical screening with Black women and answering their questions. Dr Apea also encourages those eligible to book their appointment when invited and contact their GP practice if they missed their last screening.

Dr Vanessa Apea said: “It’s so important for us as Black women to talk about cervical screening so that we can address concerns and misconceptions. Cervical screening can help stop cancer before it starts. The symptoms of cervical cancer are not always obvious and there may not be any symptoms at all until it’s reached an advanced stage.Screening saves thousands of lives every year,which is whyit’s important that we attend all our cervical screening appointments when we’re invited.”