Recently, Burnout Coach Subira Jones, also known as The Corporate Hippie, was invited to speak at Precious Nights, a prestigious event held at The British Museum. Jones, who has made a name for herself as a leading expert on burnout prevention and self-care, was invited to share her insights and expertise with the audience.

Jones, who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses find balance and happiness in their careers, brought a fresh and holistic approach to the topic of burnout. She spoke about the importance of self-care and wellness in preventing burnout, and she shared her own personal journey and the strategies she used to overcome burnout in her own life.

Precious Nights features a panel of inspiring women of colour in entrepreneurship and leadership who are willing to share their insights, perspectives and practical hints and tips with the Precious community. 

The events are always extremely positive, honest, informative and fun and are followed by a networking reception. You can attend a future Precious Nights event head to

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