Content creator, menopause advocate and TGRG client Karen Arthur is the cover star for the latest edition of Menopause Matters, an award-winning magazine and website that provides women with the information they need about menopause.

In this edition of the magazine, not only does Karen speak about her experiences of menopause but the editorial team explores how insidious racism plays a part in the menopausal experience of Black women generally.

As one of the leading Black women in the menopausal space, Karen lifts the veil on the inevitable and fundamental changes that every woman will go through. She sheds light on coping with the realities of the transition for young women and reminds mature women to own their value and to buck convention, stereotypes and the world’s attempts at erasure. All this with a wicked wit and uncompromising truth.

You can book Karen to speak at your event by emailing the TGRG Talent team or purchase this edition of Menopause Matters from their website.