Celebrations are taking place on both sides of the Atlantic as British actor John Boyega secures his first Golden Globes win for his portrayal of Leroy Logan MBE.

The 28-year-old actor was nominated in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role category for his episode, Red, White and Blue.

The film explores the first few years of Leroy’s journey into the police. His decision to join comes even after his father is brutally assaulted by two police officers during his recruitment.

He is propelled by his calling to change the institution from the inside. Red, White and Blue explores the challenges of being a Black police officer in the 80s.

The win is another highlight in the juggernaut that has been the Small Axe journey for Leroy.

Of the win, he said “I just felt it was going to happen. I said this was a special day. It’s surreal and cathartic. Even my wife stayed up! It’s outstanding.” Small Axe came hot on the heels of Leroy’s debut book, Closing Ranks, which documents his career over thirty years.

In his speech, the visibly excited John acknowledged Leroy’s hard work over the years “Thank you to Leroy Logan for your work and for what you’ve done for a lot of young people in the UK.”

A fitting tribute as Leroy officially announces his latest work, Capturing Voices: Lived Experiences of Stop and Search. Alongside Prof. Coral Dando and Dr Jay-Marie McKenzie of Westminster University, Capturing Voices will go beyond simple facts and figures, to really understand the impact of the divisive police practice.

More about the project can be found at leroylogan.com/yourvoice